How Do I Log In to ASAP?

To log in to ASAP use your myUTSA ID and password.

Your myUTSA ID is also used to access Blackboard, Air Rowdy wireless network, Student Computing Lab computers, Library computers, myUTSA mail and myUTSA Apps.

How to Change/Reset Your myUTSA Password?

  1. Visit the Passphrase Portal website.
  2. Select the Help button.
  3. Click How do I reset my passphrase? under the Resetting your Passphrase section.
  4. Follow the instructions provided.

If you require further assistance, please visit a student computing lab on campus or call Enrollment Services at (210) 458-8000.

Financial Aid Help

How do I accept/decline my Financial Aid Award in ASAP?

follow these steps:

  1. Log in to ASAP.
  2. Click the "Financial Aid" tab.
  3. Click the "Award" link.
  4. Click the "Accept Award offer by Aid Year" link.
  5. Read the instructions on the following page to accept or decline your Financial Aid award.

Fiscal Services Help

Why is my tuition bill so high in the Account Summary page?

The account summary page lists the total credits and debits for your account since you have been enroll at UTSA. This summary also includes charges for your current term as well as charges you have already paid from previous semesters. You can check the "Account Summary by Term" page to see you account balance for the current semester.

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General Help

Does ASAP have a search capability or a site for help information?

ASAP does have a search capability located under the tabs.

You may also use the "HELP" link at the top right corner of an ASAP Web page. Read through this FAQ page for specific questions that pertain to you.

Also, if you have an issue that is not addressed in this FAQ page, call (210) 458-8000 to speak to a Student Affairs representative or go to the Enrollment Services Center and ask for assistance.

Where can I find the important dates and deadlines for the term?

Important dates and deadlines can be found on the following pages:

  • Main Menu - look for general information and notices regarding ASAP availability.
  • Registration - look for registration deadlines and other important registration.
  • Fiscal Services - look for payment deadlines and fiscal services information.

How do I know if ASAP is down?

Notices about when ASAP will be unavailable are posted at the top right of the ASAP home page under Alerts/Announcements.

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Graduation Help

Can I apply for graduation on ASAP?

Yes. Students can now apply for graduation online using ASAP.

  1. Log in to ASAP.
  2. Click the "Student Services" tab.
  3. Click the "Student Records" link.
  4. Click the "Graduation" link.
  5. Click the "Graduation Application" link to complete the application.

Complete the application in its entirety. Your application will not be officially submitted until you receive a confirmation number at the end of the application process.

An email will be sent to your myUTSA email account approximately two weeks after the application deadline in the semester for which you applied. There is no fee to apply for graduation.

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Personal Information Help

ASAP will not let me change/update my permanent address! When I submit my address changes I receive a "Valid From This Date / Until This Date combination overlaps existing address..." error.

When you insert a new Permanent Address be sure to:

  • Read the dates in the "Valid From This Date: MM/DD/YYYY" and "Until This Date: MM/DD/YYYY" fields in the current permanent address, first.
  • When you fill out the new Permanent Address form, choose dates in the "Valid From This Date: MM/DD/YYYY" and "Until This Date: MM/DD/YYYY" fields that do not overlap with the current permanent address. You can leave the "Until This Date: MM/DD/YYYY" blank.

When you update your address, make sure you enter a start date in the "Valid From This Date: MM/DD/YYYY" field and end date in the "Until this date: MM/DD/YYYY" field that does not overlap with the current permanent address you are trying to update. If you are unable to update your address, stop by Enrollment Services on the first floor of the JPL building (Library) or email the Registrar’s office at with the correct information.

How do I change my address and phone information in ASAP?

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to ASAP.
  • Click the "Personal Information" tab.
  • Click the "Update Addresses and Phones" link.
  • Click the "Current:" link to edit any existing address. To add an address use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page then click "Select."
  • Fill out the required form fields. You may also add/update phone numbers by filling in fields in the Phone section of the update form.
  • Click "Submit" to save your changes.
  • Log out of ASAP.

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Registration Help

Can I enroll in an undergraduate course as a graduate student on ASAP?

No, you cannot register for an undergraduate course on ASAP. However, you can call 458-8000 and ask a Student Affairs representative to register you for the course, or you can go to the Enrollment Services Center and fill out an "add" form to add an undergraduate course for undergraduate credit. If you are requesting graduate credit for an undergraduate course, you have to fill out a form in the department of the course you are requesting, obtain proper approvals, and return to Enrollment Services Center for registration.

Can I request my transcript using ASAP?

No:  Follow the link below for transcript ordering information.

Transcripts can also be requested in person, on a first-come, first-served basis at the Enrollment Services Centers at the Main and Downtown campuses.

For additional information regarding online transcripts, visit the Registrar Office  transcripts page, or call us at 1-210-458-8000. If you are calling from outside of San Antonio, our toll-free number is 1-800-669-0919.

How can I withdraw from all my classes in ASAP?

A UTSA student cannot withdraw him or herself completely from UTSA using ASAP. A complete withdrawal from UTSA may be requested by completing a withdrawal form. Submit this form in person at the Enrollment Services Center or the Registrar office front counter.

Where can I find the Security Authorization form?

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to ASAP.
  • Click the "Student Services" tab.
  • Click the "Registration" link.
  • Click the "Security Authorization Form" link.
  • Select your term from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Submit.
  • The Authorization Form for Security Background Checks will be displayed with the data needed for the process.
  • Click Submit. Your information will be recorded on your student record that your have approved. Your account will be charged $1 for a transaction fee.

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Surveys/Student Government Elections Help

What is the difference between a survey and an election in ASAP?

An election is a special survey that is tailored to function as an online ballot box. Instead of answering questions given in a set of choices, you are casting a vote based on a list of candidate choices.

How do I answer a survey or vote in the SGA elections in ASAP?

Follow these instructional steps:

  • Log in to ASAP.
  • Click the "Personal Information" tab.
  • Click the "Answer a Survey" link.
  • Select the survey/election ballot link that you wish to answer.
  • In the "Survey Questions" page, read the instructions carefully.
  • After responding to a question or voting in an election, click the "Next Question" button. If there are no more questions, you will see a "Return to Beginning of Survey" button. Click this button to go back to the beginning of the survey/election or click "Survey Complete" to submit your answer or cast your vote.
  • Log out of ASAP when you are done.

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